Jiu Jitsu Sambo Port Saint Lucie Mount Submission Combination Attack

Jiu Jitsu Sambo Port Saint Lucie Mount Submission Combination Attack

Jiu Jitsu Sambo Port Saint Lucie Mount Submission Combination Attack

I love doing these moves. I learned them so long ago, and still come back to them from time to time during sparing. Im talking about the Paintbrush submission to the Straight Armbar technique. Here I show the basic way to perm this Mount Submission Combination Attack.

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Step 1: 00:15 To start the Jiu Jitsu Sambo Port Saint Lucie Mount Submission Combination Attack When the opponent is defending his neck well, I have an opportunity to attack both of his arms. Being that I am using gravity to my advantage, using to hands to defeat one is simple.

Step 2: 00:22 When I use both of my arms with one hand going to the wirst and the other hand on his forearm by his elbow, I am able to pin his arms to the ground. I then drop my elbow next to his ears to prevent him from turning into me temporarely, while bringing in my opposite hand under his arm until I grap my other hands wrist.

Step 3: 00:39 I secure his one hand vs my two hands and follow up with my opposite leg. Like a hook or grape vine. That way my hip pins their hip down.

Step 4: 00:52 Now my opponent is faster or stronger and extends his arm out. It is important to not lose your grip and follow his motion without breaking your hands free. At the same time you slide your upper body across his body. Lift your left elbow up for the tap.

Step 5: 00:58 Here I go on to explain many different details about the move while also demostrating the Jiu Jitsu Sambo Port Saint Lucie Mount Submission Combination Attack.

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