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Judo Osotogari Port Saint Lucie Martial Arts

July 12, 2016

O-soto-gari in plain English means major outer reaping throw. It is a basic technique that most Judo clubs like ours in Port St Lucie teach from white belt to yellow belt.

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This throw is also taught in our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class and Russian Sambo Class. In judo Gym here in St Lucie County we train this against opponents of all sizes and is a good throw for kids that like to compete to get some points on the mats in their Judo matches. It can be used against an opponent who is standing and moving forward, backward or to the side, but to make it work takes full commitment and lots of practice. When done correctly this throw puts the opponent backwards to the ground.

Here in this Video I show you How To Do O-Soto-Gari in 2 Variations
This description below is for the Standard O Soto Gari
You begin in a right natural posture.

You make your opponent or partner step forward with his right foot. This is done by pulling him to his right front corner. Now, you put your left foot outside his right foot to break his balance to this right back corner by pulling him toward you with your left hand and pushing him backward with your right.

At this moment your lift your right leg and swing it passed your partners right leg. Make sure that your hips are close to his. Using your thigh, you chop behind his thigh. All at the same time, you would be pulling down hard with your left hand and pushing with your right hand towards his right back corner. As this is done correctly, your partners legs will fly in the air and he will land backwards.

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