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Boxing Gym Workout Port Saint Lucie Fl

July 23, 2016

Boxing Gym Workout Port Saint Lucie Fl


Here is the —–> Boxing Workout <—–

Here is a great Boxing Workout that you can do at home when you miss a gym night and want a different typ of workout. Boxing offers a different type of training that can take you body to the next level.

Boxing is approximately 80% anaerobic and 20% aerobic, which is why you should included interval training along with cardio and weight training. Most workout outs at our Port Saint Lucie Boxing Club combines strength, power, speed, agility and quickness all into one to ensure you’re a well-balanced fighter.

If you’re not looking to become a boxer in Port St Lucie Fl or if you just want a boxing fitness class in st lucie county, you will need all of these things for self defense and it can help you become a better athlete in your sport.

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